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Rise Sekhmet Rise

Sekhmet, Social Justice and Empowerment Deity
G. Leslie

On Saturday night, June 22, under the fullness of a super moon, the newly installed, larger than life-sized statue of the Egyptian lion-headed Goddess, Sekhmet, was consecrated at the Goddess Temple of Orange County in Irvine, CA. She was welcomed to a packed house of women and men on hand to welcome her to her new temporary home. High atop her four feet tall, pyramid-shaped base, Sekhmet dominated the room in regal splendor. It was hardly a surprise, during the instant of her unveiling, smoke alarms suddenly went off and lights began to flicker, leaving no doubt to all assembled she was definitely in the sanctuary!

The evening was filled with music, singing, dancing, drumming and recitations to dispel the disinformation about her most well known myth, a patriarchal myth perhaps designed to cause women to be feared, or women to fear their own power. Sekhmet, a solar deity known today to help women and men transform and empower themselves is rising at a crucial time in our history. Have no doubt she is on the rise as people strive to find their strength, tenacity, passion, creativity, courage - their sacred roar!

Turn on the news and there is hardly a place families, women, workers, animals or Mother Earth herself are not under assault. Banks are still foreclosing on family homes with questionable legal authority. Women are under assault as Republican congresses across the country attempt to thwart their access to birth control and demand they be penetrated with unwarranted, unprescribed and unwanted probes for exercising their constitutional rights to an abortion. Dare I say, these government licensed rapes of women are just one of the many shameful indignities being imposed upon women across the country by religious zealots using their power in political office against women and their rights to their own bodies! Voters, too, are under assault across the nation as white power brokers in the Republican party use any means available to them rigging voting districts, denying majorities of liberal, brown and black skinned people their representatives in office. Workers continue to suffer from their corporate oppressors, often times not making enough money in a 38 hour work week to pay for healthcare or feed their families, thus being forced to apply for tax payer funded food stamps. Animals across the globe suffer every day in the horrendous conditions of factory farms. Mother Earth is under assault by all measure of corporate abuse, the least of which is one of the newest threats to drinking water across the country from fracking practices of the energy companies. Genetically modified food, pink slime and Frankenfish all potentially threaten the public welfare.

Sekhmet, like Kali, the Morrighan, Libertas and other political or warrior Goddesses are available to women and men the world over as they stand shoulder to shoulder seeking social justice and equality for all. The Goddess Temple of Orange County invites you to discover Sekhmet, an archetype of power and transformation at weekly Sunday Services for women and Fourth Sunday Services for families.

The community is so grateful to the Initiates, Melissae and Presiding Priestess Ava for their work in the world holding a center for Goddess Spirituality in Orange County, the oldest and original religion of the Earth that humanity, in modern times, can all share and celebrate. We honor too the sacred performers, Vajra Ma, Lora Cain, Liz and Meredith, Miranda Rondeau, Saahira, Nancy Johnson and Carolina Amor. Special thanks and gratitude goes to the many people working for months to bring Sekhmet to the temple and make this event such a success: Mata Moerae, Marsha Works, Stan Gibson, Michelle Nelson, Gina Leslie, Ravenseye, Steve Wright, Oberon, Don Kinda, Jeff Faeth, and Rev. Karen and Roy Tate.

For anyone wanting to visit the newly installed Sekhmet at her temple, please consult the hours of operation and events calendar of the temple at


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