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'Rise of an Empire' aptly conquers top movie spot

The sequel for 2005s "Sin City" isn't due until this August, but the original publisher Dark Horse can celebrate another adaptation's sophomore box office breakout a lot sooner. "300: Rise of an Empire" nearly succeeds it predecessor "300" on the leaderboard for opening box office weekends.

1st ranking gaining $45. million.
Warner Bros.
Comic book action-drama made another highlight peak inside 2014. '300: Rise of an Empire' beat out 'Non-Stop' for the top spot.
Warner Bros.

"Hellboy" and "The Mask" have their own film fandom without being well-known Dark Horse proprieties. Still, over March 7 to March 9 "300: Rise of an Empire" tagged its own best over in its theatrical debut according to Box Office Mojo.

With "300" ensconced of its ownership of a $70.8 million domestic theatrical opening, the marker puts the dynamic visual and story action-drama as the leading Dark Horse adaptation based on an initial weekend.

"300: Rise of an Empire" was able last week to tag itself as biggest movie showing in the box office. Right on the takeaway that it comes in second on Dark Horse's in-house personal best. Both attributed on the $45. mil weekend starter.

It just beat out "Alien vs. Predator".

Along the current three-day rankings, last week's frontrunning accumulator "Non-Stop" fell from first to third on a $15.3 million nation-wide marker.

Between the battle of animations, the superhero family-comedy "The LEGO Movie" was ousted from its top three placement over a five week run. While WB's animated feature had $11. million to show in ticket sales, the all-new remake of a classic cartoon "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" came out to the movie-goer tune of $32.5 mil to claim last weekend's second spot.

A week-ago's second place ranker "The Son of God" bottom lines the Top 5 at fifth place.

And one ongoing industry spotlight continues with the showing of Disney's aniamation "Frozen". At its sixteenth week delighting movie audiences "Frozen" emains in the Top Ten, claiming the 8th slot at this time.

Academy-Award winner "12 Years a Slave" slates at 9th, having its own off-screen Post-Oscars story all its own. The feud between screenwriter John Ridley and director -- has given Hollywood a talked-about feud that seems harsher than Wolverine and Cyclops. Ridley and McQueen each own writing credits in the comic book industry. McQueen for -- and Ridley on --.

Finisher for this week's Top Ten outlook completes with "Ride Along", the comedy starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

Both "Ride Along" and "The LEGO Movie" are the early blooms for this year's foremost films in ticket sales.


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