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Ripped Links set to be demonstrated this september

Golf Like We've Never Seen It Before
Golf Like We've Never Seen It Before
Courtesy of Ripped Links

Ripped Links revealed today that they are gearing up for the nascent sport's debut demonstration event. The fresh par-3 contest shake ‘n bakes golf's orthodoxy and brings Gen Y into the fold by pouring rocket fuel on the game’s pace of play and lending golf action sport cachet. For the uninitiated this is Ripped Links in a nutshell: holes are set up in a nontraditional environment like a beach in SoCal with golfers hitting off elevated platforms and then zip-lining over the crowd on down to the green to putt and play the hole out. Rinse and repeat a couple more times from different platforms and call it a round. The speedy conveyance from tee to green is solely to heighten the energy of the experience and doesn’t affect the scoring system.

“The quality of golf is paramount. We are not doing mini-golf on steroids. There are no loopy-loops or giant windmills to hit through. This is pure ball-striking and the best players will ultimately win,” Weston explained to Golf Canada.

According to Weston the new fangled sport which re-imagines golf as a high octane action sport demonstrated for the first time this September in Vancouver, the exact date(s) and location is still TBD.