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Ripley's Belive It Or Not! Odditorium in Orlando

Believe it or not! Ripley traveled quite a lot, and it was the outlandish that he sought.

Here's an ancestor head.
Here's an ancestor head.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views
Drive down to the Odditorium in Orlando.
Marisa L. Williams

Their website features art of vomit, colorful acidic soy grommets from spewing a bright puke comet.

Millie Brown takes the bulimic crown, not making a noise as she spits the puke down.

That's not the strangest thing. Remember the monkey with the wing? Is there an art of bee sting?

The Ripley's Odditorium is an oddball emporium with more body parts than a crematorium.

There's a shrunken head, bones fashioned for utensils instead, and a vampire kit to stop the dead.

Dash down the hall of torture devices, laugh at old time prices, and see furniture of beer can slices.

“What's that,” you'll ask, “a real human skin mask?” Wanna wear that to the masque?

There's art made from junk, a car with musical instruments on the trunk and CD art for the punk.

Medicine doctor or witch, cannibalism would be a switch, but some tribes don't recognize the glitch.

There's a record from the band, human skin that's tanned, illusions and sleight of hand,

Madonna's underwear, a lady balancing on her mouth in the air and pictures that make you stare.

See sights that are blistery, while learning about odd history, and solving an ancient mystery.

Some hits hard, like a wave that's tidal, but then there's a hand-carved idol and a veil that is bridal.

Bodies deformed because of disease, calves that were born Siamese, and here's people on the trapeze.

Look into the mirror. Why are things not clearer? There's video of you coming nearer.

Try to twist your tongue, even if you haven't tried it since young. Video laughs you down a rung.

Why didn't you know? This is like a variety show. Things make you say, “whoa!”

There's a piece of the Berlin Wall. Facts hit like a wrecking ball. There unique artifacts above all.

See a hologram of Robert Ripley at his desk, articles of burlesque and things that are grotesque.

Believe it or not! While collecting the odd things he sought, he lived with multiple girls in one spot.

He did not smoke; he was a drinking kind of bloke. He'd travel and collect the bizarre to shock folk.

He'd draw and illustrate, and he'd also demonstrate things that people would manipulate.

Was it fiction or fact? Part of a devil's pact? Check out something obscure and abstract.

There's quite the eclectic mixture, displaying an outlandish picture and human stricture.

It's one big adventure. See tools to make people indenture. It's a bondage thirst quencher.

Check out the Iron Maiden. With blood, it would've been laden, it's like a spiked coffin witches laid in.

For the hardcore dude that think their a brawler, here's a real spiked collar; think it'll make you holler?

Think how this woulda been back in the day. What would people say? They'd blush and look away.

There's so much to see. Here's something from the South China Sea, and this grew into a tree.

Create your own magazine, compiling weird things to be seen on your friends' computer screen.

Some things might leave you shaken, but your senses will awaken. Be sure to get your picture taken.

Promise, you will learn something new, see things askew and find things from all over Timbuktu.

See illusions by design, real vertebrae on a spine, and save money on tickets with a coupon online.

Gasp at the bones of a dinosaur, and learn about folk lore. Ripley's Believe It Or Not! will not bore.

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Odditorium is located at 8201 International Drive, Orlando, FL; Marisa Williams is the author of more than 100 books, Follow Marisa at

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