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Ripa's nightmare move: Kelly reveals she is a bit of a hoarder

Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa
Photo by Andrew Toth

Kelly Ripa is now revealing that her move didn't go as planned and ended up being a nightmare. On Monday, ABC News shared what she had to say about it all and how things went down for the family. She has three children and admits to being a bit of a hoarder when it comes to things that have to do with her kids. This made moving a bit harder on them.

She spoke out saying, "Mark likes to throw everything away, and I want to save everything for when the kids are older one day. So, you know, they have their things, like their first report card, so it’s a constant struggle as to what we should toss versus what we should save. For some reason, I have a crib and a stroller and a Pack ’n Play, and a little kitchen." Honestly unless they plan to have more kids there is no reason to keep some of this stuff.

Kelly did share that David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris bring their twins over and they play with the older toys. Her youngest child is now 11-years-old and too big for a lot of them. At least she does have a good reason for keeping some of this stuff around and someone is getting to play with it all. She said that they bring them over to play with these toys. At this rate, she may have some of it still around when her grandchildren are born.

Kelly Ripa didn't reveal how much stuff she got rid of but hopefully she was willing to give some of it up. Her fans can totally relate though. Most people save a lot of things from when their kids are younger for memories, but they don't all save toys and a crib. Once your babies are out the stroller there is really no reason to keep it around.