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Rip James: A singular look into the personal world of a hip hop artist

Rip James on stage at Bar Code a.k.a. The Guest Room, is showing why he should have been crowned the winner at the talent competition.
Rip James on stage at Bar Code a.k.a. The Guest Room, is showing why he should have been crowned the winner at the talent competition.
The Newsletter 2005 Promotions, April 6, 2014

I am happy to introduce a young rapper in St. Louis, who’d won a great talent show competition sponsored by Jon Erickque; Sunday, April 6, 2014 at the Bar Code Lounge a.k.a. Guest Room.

As part of his prize, I had agreed to give him exposure on and on my other media sources for a month. Sit back and enjoy an up and close personal interview with Rip James.

Congratulations on winning such an exciting competition last night.
Rip James: Thanks, I appreciate the opportunity to be here.

What is the inspiration behind your name, Rip James?
Rip James: Rip stands for Real Intelligent Person. This name was given to me by my late brother. James is my uncle. Both are currently deceased. Every time I hit the stage they live through me.

As a judge April 6th, I’d thought you did a good performance. Yet my points were a bit mediocre. But it seems as if you had the crowd rocking. Do you think your stage presentation did the job?

Rip James: Thank you, I think it was 50/50. The stage presentation and the lyrics allowed me to win. My goal is to make everyone in the room feel my pain. The more of me I give, the more they receive.

Tell me more about Rip James?
Rip James: I’m a songwriter, a loving father, and a dedicated worker; who is faithful and committed to living out my brothers’ dreams, and I won’t stop until I reach the top.

How long have you been hitting the stage?
Rip James: I have been on stage as an artist for 11 years; however, I started off dancing… ballet, jazz, tap, street….. Yes I have!!! Then I’d progressed to singing and rapping and I started acting. Shout out to my JPEK family.

Where are the best places to perform at in town?
Rip James: The Guess Room of course, giving my win, Fubar, The Coliseum, Klymaxx, Fucefinos, and Club618 in East St. Louis.

Name 3 artists of hip hop you would like to collaborate with in St. Louis?
Rip James: Pendemic, Bigg Rich, HotJerko

At the competition which act did you believe could have given you a run for your money?
Rip James: Artist Obie

Now, that you the champ for a month, what weaknesses on stage would you like to improve on-to hold on to the crown?

Rip James: Everything… I am striving for greatness.

What messages would you give to new contestants and the returning group, far as swaying the judges?
Rip James: Be yourself, work the crowd, have fun and know your music.

That was remarkable, thank you for this great interview and I wish you luck at next month’s competition. And you know they are coming for your blood?
Rip James: No, thank you for having me. Yes..I know.(laughing)

That concludes this interview with Rip James, and I hope to see him perform at my 9th year anniversary celebration next week at Premier Lounge.

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