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RIP Astrologer Dave Roell

Dave Roell
Dave Roell

Astrologer, Founder of Astroamerica book store, husband, father, passed away at the age of 62 on July 27, 2014.

“WHEN once you grasp that astrology is in the earth and of the earth and covers the entire earth and everything in it, when you take an abstract astrology out of the sky and put it on the earth and in the ground and make it tangible and real, you will be astounded at the sheer scope and scale and power of it. We have hardly uncovered a tenth of it. As vast and complex as astrology is, it amazes me we have learned as much as we have. Astrology is reality itself.” Dave Roell

Asc ruler Mercury, he had two very different sides, the ‘good twin/bad twin’ at times one could love him and at others be infuriated by him but always respected him. Being a Gemini rising, he had an insatiable curiosity and was extraordinarily knowledgeable on the ancient art and science of astrology.

He read all of the astrology books that he could find and gave thorough critiques on many of them on his website- Frederick Woodruff described Dave’s book reviews,”Dave’s critiques were piquant — often blunt and eviscerating — and he never shellacked bull to make a sale. I didn’t always agree, but Dave’s disregard for political correctness was refreshing. Dave sold all kinds of astrology books, wrote six of his own, and he also published out-of-print books as well.

His Mercury is placed in the 9th house of publishing and higher learning (astrology) and forms an exact sextile to Jupiter, ruler of publishing and higher knowledge. This gave him prominence and much success in his field. While he might not be described as rich in a material sense, the mastery of his chosen vocation was immeasurable and his passing - a tangible loss to the astrological community.

His free weekly newsletters are a wonderful source of astrological wisdom. As Dave wrote himself:

"Most people, most astrologers, even, have no idea how rich, how varied, astrology really is. I’m lucky. For the last ninteen years, I’ve lived in what amounts to a world-class astrological library, which I’ve been passing off as AstroAmerica. Every week I will serve up a slice for your amusement.

‘Til next week –


Some of the theories he propounded in his newsletters seemed a bit ‘out there’ but he was always insightful (Mercury sextile Jupiter.) With air signs on his points of life and destiny, his whole life was about ideas. Nothing was too far out for him to consider. The mental exercise was the point.

At times he would conjure up a power struggle or two when he needed to vent his exact Sun opposed Pluto and Moon conjunct Pluto. He was an intense man and fighter. If anyone doubts the validity of Pluto being a powerful planet, you just needed to get to know Dave a little.

No matter how elevated or seemingly powerful, Mr. Roell would challenge you. One example was when he challenged the authenticity of one of the most prominent astrologers around, Liz Greene. He questioned her educational background, more specifically, whether she really earned a PhD. He researched far and wide and wrote about it in an article he titled, “A short – unauthorized- biography of Liz Greene.”

He was merciless to anyone who mishandled information. The entire Wikipedia website and its founders would feel the wrath of Dave. See Dave’s September 25, 2012 and Dec. 17, 2013 newsletters with articles like, “Wiki Flunks Astrology.” He ended his article on Wiki with his usual Moon/Pluto in Leo aplomb, “I do not think Wiki has a future.”

After Dave was banned by a wiki editor named Bushranger, the gloves came off and Dave gave him a free natal chart reading in his Oct. 2, 2012 newsletter. “Dear Bushranger, I have no grudge, I merely find this to be amusing. No girlfriends? It’s your Moon-Venus opposition. They don’t like you. While everyone “gets lucky” on occasion, this basically won’t change. Your full moon intensifies this, making you unpopular generally. But consider: Michael Jackson was born on a full moon. Goethe was born on a full moon, as was Newt Gingrich. Isaac Newton and Karl Rove were both born on the same full moon as you: Capricorn to Cancer.”

While Dave could pull a few punches regarding the charts of his nemeses, with Mars in Scorpio, he was not afraid to point the laser at himself and reveal personal tidbits from his own natal chart. In his Nov. 13, 2012 newsletter he wrote about Mars and Saturn, “Mars, who denotes great trouble behind the scenes of the next house [Mars in 6: in-laws!—Dave]”

I had been tempted to get a reading from Dave but I was a bit terrified at what he might say about my chart. His prominence in the field would result in anything he said being seared into my memory like branding on livestock. This caused me to refrain from asking him for a reading and risk forever being haunted by his words. Now I will never know what Dave would have said and I’m regretting it already. Luckily we still have his newsletters and books to try to figure it out. Dave’s legacy will be to keep people thinking about astrology and fighting for it.

Of course, Dave was not all about fighting about astrology but using it to help people. I’m certain he made many accurate predictions over the years. One striking example comes to mind is when he predicted the birth of Prince William’s son, Prince George.

The news of Princess Katherine’s pregnancy was accidentally revealed after she went to the hospital for morning sickness in December 2012. Two months earlier, Dave wrote in his Oct. 2nd 2012 newsletter:

The Duchess of Cambridge. If Kate is to bear the heir to the throne and if it is a full 9 month term, then she will become pregnant towards the middle of this month [October]. The announcement will likely be made as soon as her condition is known, as the Palace will want to avoid another round of speculation. Birth should be the second or third week of July, 2013, the closer to the 21st, the sooner the individual becomes king/queen.."

Princess Katherine had indeed been pregnant a while before it became known to the world in December 2012. A healthy baby prince, George, was born on July 22, 2013. Dave had predicted the royal birth almost to the day months before anyone even knew she was even pregnant.

It is sort of ironic that in his last two newsletters he delineated the chart of Jesus. On some level he must have known he was going home.

I was going to end this tribute with the customary, “Dave, you will be greatly missed,” which is true but it seems too prosaic for a man like Dave Roell. Instead I will end this will one of Dave’s battles that he wrote about in 2012. Although he didn’t have the financial resources while alive to combat it, I wouldn’t doubt that he may do something from other side. So here is a final message from Dave regarding how the topic of Astrology is treated by Wikipedia:

Here is what we want. I don’t think it’s negotiable:

  • Astrology removed from the pseudo list.
  • All “in-universe” restrictions removed.
  • All other restrictions and conditions pertaining to Astrology and its related subjects removed, including “contamination.”
  • Anti-Astrology editors curbed.
  • All Astrology and astrology-related articles to be subject to qualified astrological review and edit.
  • Astrologers to have the right to comment on all Wiki articles as astrologers see fit.
  • Wiki by-laws and covenants changed to reflect these demands.”[vi]

It might be some justice that Wikipedia is not considered a legitimate source by respected news media and cannot be used as a reference in publications. Hear that wiki? Wikipedia is a “pseudo-reference” site. Take that.

And R.I.P. Dave Roell

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