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Riots for Trayvon? No! Here's why.

Here's five reasons why there shouldn't be. Nor will there be any mass rioting for the acquittal of George Zimmerman.

1. There will absolutely NOTHING gained from it. : George Zimmerman will not magically float into prison just because of some rioters in big cities. Trayvon will not come back to life. The justice system will not make major changes in any way. Nothing positive will of causing acts of violence.

2. Black people today are too aware of other things that are ruining our lives that have nothing to do with Trayvon or Zimmerman. : Many of us have the internet that can filter lies and propaganda from the truth. Many of us are unemployed. Many of us can't get hired. Many of us have to close our businesses. Many of us live in areas where a human just died a few days ago over a bad drug deal. Many of us are dealing with high loan bills. Many of us are not able to move forward and upward in our lives. This was true before the Trayvon Zimmerman fight. This is true now. This will be true in the future. Too many of us are aware of this and know better.

3. Rioting will be used to further negative black stereotypes. : When "A SMALL GROUP" of black people do something horrible or abhorrent. It never fails that a portion of society sees ALL black people the same and over generalizes the entire population. If riots pop off. Mainstream media will portray the black rioters are dangerous, thugs, destructive etc. And as usual certain people will lap it up and stick to that imagery for years to come. This undoubtedly will have an effect on how these people interact with blacks in our society. :-(

4. Rioters most likely will destroy their own neighborhoods. : A. They don't have the funds nor ability to travel to white rural areas to protest. They most likely will stay where they're familiar.

B. The rioters will most likely damage businesses that have no connection to the trial at all.

C. The areas where people on twitter claim they will riot are high pro 2nd amendment areas. For obvious reasons rioting in those areas would not be smart. :-(

D. Many of the rioters might not even really care about "justice for trayvon". They just need an excuse to do something horrible. And this is too convenient for them.

5. Property damage and racial tension. : Riots always cause groups of people to have unnecessary, unwarranted animosity towards each other and cost BILLIONS of dollars in damage.

Yaay let's riot!!! Let's gain nothing from this action, ignore all the immediate problems in our own private lives, further perpetuate some of our own negative stereotypes, destroy our own cities, cause BILLION dollar damage and give white and blacks even more legitimate excuses to dislike each other in the year 2013!!!

Again Rioting is silly and will do thousands of times more harm than good. Save the riots and protesting and maybe focus that energy on rebuilding communities, nurturing local economies and gaining knowledge of self. Just a thought.

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