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Riots continue in Ferguson MO after teen shot and killed

Riots and looting in Ferguson Mo. have St. Louis residents very uneasy. At first, crowds gathered for an afternoon vigil for Michael Brown, an unarmed teen shot by police on Saturday. By nightfall, a group of angry citizens began breaking windows in local business and looting the merchandise.

Police stand guard in the wake of looting
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

The shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown is tragic. Reports say that Brown struggled with the officer, blackened the officer’s eyes, and then tried to get the policeman’s gun. It was during this struggle that the young man was shot and killed.

The Ferguson, Florissant, and Dellwood communities are understandably concerned. However, the destruction of property and subsequent looting of local businesses are difficult for residents to connect to the untimely death of Michael Brown. People in the St. Louis area wonder what one really has to do with the other.

During the evening hours Monday, August 11, police from surrounding municipalities were sent to assist Ferguson police in containing the crowds. Within their own municipalities, police guarded and patrolled local businesses as the looters branched out to neighboring communities. Twelve miles from Ferguson, fighting broke out at the St. Louis Galleria in Richmond Heights, Mo, resulting in two arrests.

St. Louis county municipalities remain on alert. There is an increased police presence not only in the Ferguson Florissant area, but throughout the St. Louis County area. Cabela’s, located and St. Louis Outlet Mall, and Bass Pro in St. Charles, MO, are local firearms retailers. Both of these stores, and smaller gun shops, are being guarded.

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