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Riots and mayhem in Fergurson

Example of lawlessness in Ferguson
Example of lawlessness in Ferguson

The news has got to where it is toxic to everyone who watches it. CNN/Fox grabs hold of a story and then sensationalizes it to pure "hype", and they just run a story in the ground with their "experts" and their opinions about things which they have no clue about.

People of God can have their finest hour through all that is going on in the world by praying and reading God's Word and acting according to His will. Stephen Weber offers this prayer that is meaningful, and I ask that you make this your prayer.

If we are not careful, we are going to allow lazy unemployed neer do goods take over our country in riots and illegal activities. As in Iraq, it is time for the people of Ferguson to speak up and take back their town. Lord, help us to pray this prayer:

Daily prayer: Father, we ask You to not only open our eyes to that which is around us, but we ask You to open the eyes of our hearts so that we might envision that which is true and that which is false on a spiritual level.

When we hide Your Word in our hearts, we more quickly discern that which masquerades as good, but its source is from one of Satan's servants "masquerading as a servant of righteousness."

Because Your Spirit reigns in our hearts and knowledge from Scripture fills our minds, we affirm that which is Scriptural and reject that which is heresy. May we ever be vigilant in attaining Scriptural knowledge and fervent in prayer as we encounter the gods of this age. In the matchless and true name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Pray for TRUTH. Pray for JUSTICE based on the truth. Pray for the innocent men, women, and children in Ferguson. Those who are rioting and looting are a disgrace to their race, a disgrace to the human race, and this evil movement of unrest and violence should not be tolerated in any city. The police must do their job. They need to evoke a curfew; arrest people even if they have to put them in buses and take them to detention in a barn somewhere to keep them from hurting innocent people If this were just about a teenager being shot, then Chicago and Detroit would have already been burned to the ground.

Timeline of events after the death of Michael Brown from USA Today

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