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Riot Games gives first look at 'League of Legends'' Super Galaxy Rumble

A teaser for the upcoming Super Galaxy Rumble skin.
A teaser for the upcoming Super Galaxy Rumble skin.
Riot Games

Just two days ago Riot Games began teasing a new Rumble skin, something fans had thought impossible based on the impressions given by various members of the team. But today, just 48 hours later we've been given our first picture of Super Galaxy Rumble an upcoming Legendary skin for the League of Legends champion.

"Here we go. Final checks… let’s see now," reads the official post.

Legendary skins are the second most expensive tier of skins available in the MOBA and come with new visual effects for each and every ability. Teased in the description are how each ability has been retrofitted to match the clearly Gurren Lagann inspired motif.

"Volcanic flamespitter? Check. Plasma shield? Check. Electro-harpoon rockets? Check. Hyper-explosive equalizer rounds? Check, check and triple check. All systems set to AWESOME - finally, my Super Galaxy suit is complete!"

I’m coming, Bandle City. Time to rev up and roll out!"

Stay tuned as Riot has been very busy in the past couple of days announcing new skins and tentative changes for upcoming patches for League of Legends.

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