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Riot Games concept artist creates fan art based on fan descriptions

Various skin concepts for 'League of Legends' champions created by Riot Penguin.
Various skin concepts for 'League of Legends' champions created by Riot Penguin.

When not hard at work conceptualizing new champions for League of Legends concept artist Riot Penguin devotes some of his spare time to doodling up some ideas that the community has come up with. "Hey everyone! - I'v been noticing a lot of posts by people with really awesome ideas, who aren’t always able to draw them. So! I’d like to help," he begins.

Dark Lord Wukong, as imagined by Riot Penguin.
Riot Penguin

"Post your awesome ideas here (please try to keep them to a few sentence or less ) – And every so often, I’ll pick one and do a sketch of it! (And don't forget to +1 ideas you like!)," he's been doing this for weeks now, but does clarify that none of these will actually make it passed this stage. He is simply doing this for fun and wants to give fans a little treat.

"These are personal sketches that I’m doing for you all FOR FUN as an artist who loves [League of Legends] and it’s community…NOT in any official capacity as a Rioter. These are NOT being created for League of Legends or Riot Games -- These are for you all"

So far we've seen really interesting concepts such as Dark Lord Wukong, White Noise Malzahar, and Commando Ziggs. To see them all, check out the gallery above.

If you have your own ideas for Penguin to draw, make sure to check out the thread here. You can find him on Twitter as well.

Which of the skins is your favorite? Discuss in the comments below!

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