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Riot announces new Hexakill mode for 'League of Legends'

League's new game mode
League's new game mode

League of Legends is soon to have a brand new game mode named Hexakill. It is essentially the same as summoner's rift except it will include an additional hero on each side.

6 vs 6

While throwing in an additional person on each team might not seem like a big enough change to justify an entire new game mode, Riot expects it to be a lot more than an additional person. In their announcement they told the community "Double junglers, roaming supports and six man wombo combos are all on the table for this new mode. Experiment with team comps and discover new metas as you seek to hear the ultimate announcement, “Hexakill.'"

It's already an achievement to kill all five heroes on the opposing team and claim a pentakill but getting a hexakill is sure to be something to tell your grandkids about.


It's apparent Riot expects this new mode to change the meta drastically instead of just fitting a new player into the usual line-up. The community reacted well to previous game modes Riot added to the game but only time will tell if this will be just a mess around mode to try out fun things or a new competitive way to play the game.

Soon, how soon?

Hexakill will be available to play February 20th. If you have any plans on what you are going to do with your 6th slot feel free to comment below.

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