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RINOs are progressive Republicans corrupted by Democrat backing

GOP coming under increasing progressive left influence
GOP coming under increasing progressive left influence

This column documented how the far left is gaining foothold in American society and culture by taking over or infiltrating many institutions of American society as shown in the documentary by Curtis Bowers titled, “Agenda: Grinding America Down.” Now it is becoming more clear that the left has had quite a great degree of success in their efforts to infiltrate the Republican Party itself. Clearly they know if the GOP will no longer be an opposition party, they will have won because they won't face any opposition. Now there is growing proof that the far left has infiltrated the Grand Ole Party.

We know that the Thad Cochran campaign appealled to Democrats for votes in the June 24 runoff vote in Mississippi for the GOP nomination for senator there, and that we are learning more about the racist tactics and illegal votes that put Cochran over McDaniel in that runoff. This is also revealing to what degree the far left is going to quite literally pick the candidates for the GOP as well as those for the Democrats.

While conservatives often call them Republicans In Name Only (RINOs), these registered Republican officers are correctly labeled as progressive (liberal) Republicans. The far left supports (and likely were part of creating) an association for progressive Republicans called the Main Street Republican Partnership. This column documented how that group is funded by far left money.

A key actor in the Mississippi GOP runoff mess is an organization called the Mississippi Conservative PAC, created by former RNC Chairman Haley Barbour, and also involves his son Henry Barbour, that seems to be more about supporting progressive Republicans, and Democrats, than supporting conservatives like Chris McDaniel.

Writing in the American Spectator today, Jeffrey Lord exposes the the nature of the Mississippi Conservative PAC, “At the story’s center is the Mississippi Conservatives PAC, which is on the receiving end of furious charges of race-baiting against insurgent candidate Chris McDaniel and the Tea Party as a whole. But an even bigger problem comes from evidence that the group calling itself Mississippi Conservatives was anything but, illustrating in stunning detail how the establishments and donors of the Republican and Democratic parties intermingle.”

In the same article for the American Spectator, Lord further documents that 37 individuals have donated to the Mississippi Conservatives PAC, a total of 51 donations from them, and 36 of them were in excess of $5000. He also noted that 55 percent of those donors had donated to prominent Democrat candidates for pubic office and to other PACs that bankroll Democrat candidates. Many of those Democrat candidates receiving money from these folks are in races the GOP is contesting this year.

“Public records tell the story, and examples of the first occurrence — direct donations to Democrats — are easy to spot. Donors to Mississippi Conservatives have also in the past written checks to Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Mary Landrieu, Kay Hagan, Mark Pryor, Chris Dodd, and Michael Bennet, among others,” Lord reports in the American Spectator.

Like with anything involving progressive politicians and their corrupt ways, it's tough to navigates the complexity they deliberate weave to figure out what's really going on. Lord followed the money and figured out how they work the system.

Here's what Jeffrey Lord illustrated in his article in The American Spectator, “Instances of the more complicated game — in which a donor gives to a PAC, which in turn gives to another PAC, which in turn gives to a third PAC, which then gives to Democrat candidates — are a bit more difficult to suss out. To illustrate how the money flows, take the case of James Creekmore, who, according to public records, gave $10,000 to Mississippi Conservatives in March and another $5,000 just days days before the June primary in which McDaniel bested Cochran (but fell short of the majority required to avoid the runoff). Mr. Creekmore is listed as an executive of a Mississippi telecommunications holding company called Telapex, which also has its own PAC. Between January 2005 and March 2014, Creekmore gave $37,500 to the Telapex Inc. PAC.”

Lord also wrote, “The Telapex PAC, in turn, has made four contributions between 2011 and 2014 totaling $13,500 to the Competitive Carriers Association PAC. The CCA PAC, in turn, has given its money not just to individual Democrats like Mark Pryor, the Arkansas Senator high on the GOP target list, but to a group called the Moderate Democrats PAC. And Moderate Democrats, now three times removed from Mr. Creekmore, contributes to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and to Democrats under challenge by the GOP this year, including Pryor, Mark Begich of Alaska, Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, Mark Udall of Colorado, and Mark Warner of Virginia.”

In addition, Lord described other relationships and donations, such as Cochran getting large contributions to his campaign from former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who almost always supports politicians that are in agreement with this anti-gun crusade. Apparently, Cochran's campaign received $250,000 from Bloomberg. I suspect that payment is expected to be paid back by Thad Cochran voting for gun control in the future in the Senate.

Near the end of the article, Lord dropped this bomb, “One last irony of ironies. The Mississippi Conservatives PAC is headed by a Republican National Committeeman from Mississippi, Henry Barbour. One of the smaller contributors to the PAC — Sally Bradshaw ($1,000) — is, along with Henry Barbour, the co-author of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’s “autopsy report” analyzing what went wrong for the GOP in the 2012 elections. (Ms. Bradshaw, incidentally, served as chief of staff to Jeb Bush and managed two of his three gubernatorial bids. “While not his ‘brain,’ she’s the closest parallel to a Karl Rove that the former Florida governor has,” one source told Politico.)”

That autopsy report was the so-called “Growth and Opportunity” report in which the party concluded it hadn't been progressive enough to win the 2012 election and called for the GOP becoming more Democrat Lite to win, basically. This columnist pointed how this strategy was committing political suicide by the GOP and the Republicans couldn't possibly ever win elections by becoming more like the Democrats. Now it makes more sense, this is happening because the Democrats are influencing the GOP leadership at the top, and in that influence are helping Republicans to plot their own political suicide. We know that Jeb Bush in the last few years has made several policy statements (including allegedly endorsing Common Core) agreeing with progressive Republicans, and Karl Rove has become a militant defender of the progressive GOP leadership, known to many as RINOs.

Connect all the dots folks, and see what's going on here. This is nationally, not just in Mississippi. The Democrats and others on the far left have infiltrated the Republican Party, and they don't even need to take it over, they just need to influence it. And they have done that, and GOP now is moving swiftly to becoming the Democrat Lite party. If it were not for the TEA party movement within the GOP, conservatives and Americans who support Constitutionally-limited government would have no home in the Republican Party. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was on Sean Hannity's show tonight, and he asked her if she will be leaving the Republican Party. She said she is not leaving the GOP, but suggested that the Republican Party is close to leaving her, because it has abandoned conservative principles. I agree with that. Conservatives and TEA party members are without a political party if the GOP goes completely Democrat Lite. Given the influence from the left, that seem inevitable. And also, given the push from the left to enact amnesty, it seems likely the GOP will be on board with the left on that agenda item as well. If the GOP allows amnesty to pass in Congress and the president to sign it into law, the Republican Party will cease to exist in our lifetimes.

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