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Molly Ringwald's daughter: 'Sixteen Candles' pose brings back the 1980s

Mathilda strikes a pose familiar to fans of Sixteen Candles.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Molly Ringwald's daughter takes on "Sixteen Candles" and poses just like her mom once did recently, and Molly shared the adorable photo on social media for the world to see. Mathilda is 11 years old, and she headed out with mom for back to school shopping recently. The Spread It shared more about this cute photo share on Aug. 28.

Molly Ringwald began her career as an actress on "The Facts of Life" during the 1980s. After one season, her character disappeared from the series. Some might think that would be the end of a career for a teenager, but Molly's time in the spotlight was far from over. The actress went on to be queen of the teen flicks after her exit from the television series. She starred in several films by John Hughes. "The Breakfast Club" is still shown on television regularly, but Mathilda did not channel her mother's character from that film during their Target shopping trip. Mathilda is the daughter of Ringwald and Panio Gianopoulos.

During the shopping trip, the mother and daughter found a poster for "Sixteen Candles" in the store. The poster featured Molly making her iconic head tilt pose, and it was being used to promote the sale of DVD's for $5. Mathilida then stood next to the poster and posed for her mom and her mom's camera tilting her head in the same manner. It is not known if the little girl posed on her own or if he mother prompted the pose. Molly captioned the photo with the following:

"She can’t escape her mom, even when “back to school” shopping at Target."

It is clear that Samantha Baker lives on. She even appears on posters at Target. John Hughes' films marked a generation. The 'Brat Pack' made several films together during the 1980s, and Ringwald was a huge part of that group of actors. Films like "St. Elmo's Fire" helped jump start the careers of actresses like Demi Moore. "Sixteen Candles" is still popular today. Target would not include a poster from the film in its store décor if that was not the case.

The film was released 30 years ago, and Molly remains in the spotlight. She is not the huge star she was during the 1980s, but she is still working in the business. In recent years, she appeared on the ABC Family series "The Secret Life of an American Teenager." That series ended its run in 2013. Ringwald has also released books, and she has become a jazz singer. Not only that, Ringwald has appeared on Broadway.

Fans of Ringwald will be able to see her on stage this fall. She will head out to perform songs from "Except Sometimes." She has one performance scheduled for Sept. 17, and she will have a week of dates at Café Carlyle. A Night With Molly Ringwald will run between Oct. 7 and Oct. 18. Molly will return to the big screen. She is one of the stars of the live action "Jem and The Holograms." That film is set for release in 2016.

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