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RingSafe kickstarter: would you get one?

RingSafe on a Keychain, Pre-Order on Kickstarter.
RingSafe on a Keychain, Pre-Order on Kickstarter.

Gotta love Kickstarter. You have an idea? You need cash to make it happen? There's a good chance you could get your wish. The American Dream made manifest! But what if your dream is to simply remember where the %$&#* you put your ring? Well, there's a Kickstarter that could fix that problem, if you're interested.

It's called RingSafe, and as someone who constantly has to take off her ring when doing craft, gym or housework stuff, it sounds like a great idea. The minimalist design makes it a good fit for guys and gals. I'm lookin' at you, people who are constantly without their wedding rings. RingSafe also comes in a necklace, which would be great for not only keeping your ring safe, but for showcasing rings that might be too big or too small for your fingers at the moment. And who hasn't had to deal with that problem?

Read on for the full press release, and tell me; is RingSafe something you'd sponsor?

Men Choose to Save Marriages with RingSafe, In Time for Valentine's Day

Top 3 Texas Kickstarter Project Created by Newlyweds Offers Clever Solution to Age Old Problem - How NOT to Lose Your Wedding Ring

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- "Four in ten men will lose their wedding bands," says co-founder, Kirsten Newbold-Knipp. "It took my husband losing his just once to come up with a solution." Kirsten and her husband co-founder and inventor John Newbold-Knipp created RingSafe when John misplaced his wedding band just three days after returning from their honeymoon.

RingSafe is a new, modern clasp designed to keep you from losing your ring ( The simple accessory has proven perfect for people who take their rings off for work -- doctors, dentists and construction professionals -- as well as people who don't want to injure themselves wearing a ring during sports or hobbies. When it comes to marriage, a lost wedding ring is the last thing you want to argue about - RingSafe aims to solve that problem.

The invention went personal to public when John wore an early 3D-printed prototype to a party where friends shared ring-loss horror stories and urged the couple to bring RingSafe to market. Further, primary research suggests that 40% of married men have lost their wedding band. RingSafe is a better alternative than putting your ring in your pocket or worse, wearing it when you shouldn't.

"RingSafe has saved me from injury and anxiety and I hope it does the same for more married couples," shared John. "It's been great getting feedback from locals, including a few celebrity chefs, and guys as far away as Japan are buying RingSafe so they and their partners have a stylish solution when they take their rings off for work or sport."

Husband and wife took their idea from prototype to stainless steel design and now seek support from Kickstarter backers to fund full production. With seven days left, RingSafe remains a top 3 project in Texas, the pair aim to exceed their $15,000 goal by February 9th to save more marriages faster. RingSafe makes a great engagement, wedding or Valentine's Day gift - with a limited number available by February 14th. Backers can get a Valentine's Day prototype RingSafe or pre-order production units today on Kickstarter at

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