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Ring Rembrandt Floyd Mayweather Jr,: His opponents can only paint by the numbers

Floyd Mayweather is completely dominant against Canelo Alvarez, all others
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Unhittable. Unbeatable. Unbelievable.

That's boxing's Ring Rembrandt, Floyd Mayweather Jr., who is a true artist competing against guys who have to resort to painting by the numbers.

No, trying hard Canelo Alvarez wasn't "The One." The Official Michael White Gorilla Marley scorecard had Carrot Top from Guadalajara winning only two out of 12 rounds and getting a 10-10 score in an uneventful opening round.

News flash from Vegas: I'm hearing that official judge CJ Ross has awoken from the coma in which she somehow penciled out a miserable 114-114 draw, giving Floyd six rounds and the other six to the heretofore undefeated Mexican.

Yep, she's the same CJ Ross, who along with Duane Ford, completely botched the Timothy Bradley-Manny Pacquiao scoring, giving an unwarranted victory to Bradley.

Not to pile on CJ, which must stand for Cannot Judge, but she had Alvarez winning rounds one, three, eight, nine, 11 and 12.

Time for Ms. Ross to cut back on the Sominex, I'd say.

But, back to Mayweather's mastery, which was completely dominating.

"The One" who will someday beat Mayweather, age 36, is Father Time. It certainly won't be Danny Swift Garcia, who turned back the robotic but fun to watch Argentine Hard Man Lucas Matthysse in the appetizer before the Main Event.Not saying Garcia doesn't deserve a Mayweather Lottery Ticket because he's earned it. But he will be bamboozled, perhaps to a lesser extent than Canelo, by Money May.

It's as if Mayweather is a Boxing Beethoven, composing original music that only he can hear and understand.

Let his music play on.

Any talk of a competitive Manny Pacquiao-Mayweather Somewhat Colossal bout is a waste of your breath, at best premature until we see if Pacman is rejuvenated and revived against basic brawler Bam Bam Rios in Macau.

Pacquiao would also be bamboozled and look like a bungler against Mayweather, the greatest fighter of their generation.

So, let's swipe the line from the movie "Casablanca," "line up the usual suspects.

These aren't fights Mayweather is engaging in, they are more like highly compensatged play dates.

Long ago, I noted that Mayweather against Sergio Martinez, middleweight marvel, could be fun.

But, realistically, what could "Maravilla" do to stymie Floyd?

It's Mayweather's World, all other fighters just live in it.



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