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Ring of Honor Wrestling announced Christopher Daniels return

Christopher Daniels returning to Ring of Honor Wrestling
Christopher Daniels returning to Ring of Honor Wrestling
Photo from TNA twitter

Ring of Honor just held their huge Internet pay-per-view collaboration with New Japan on Saturday night. One thing the live audience did not see, but the people who purchased Internet pay-per-view did, was a video promo at the end. The promo revealed that an original Ring of Honor Wrestling star is returning to the promotion.

The promo opened with Christopher Daniels sitting at a bar drinking an Appletini. He then makes the announcement that he is coming back home and will be at “Best in the World” next month. That card will be the first ever Ring of Honor pay-per-view event on cable television. After Daniels made the statement, someone stepped in front of the camera wearing what was clearly a Frankie Kazarian shirt, and Daniels said he wasn’t coming alone.

Before this, Ring of Honor existed purely as a DVD distributor or on Internet pay-per-views. With the WWE losing their pay-per-view deals with Direct TV, DISH Network and AT&T Uverse, that opened the door for Ring of Honor Wrestling to get a chance. With Daniels returning, that will be a big draw for people wondering if they should order the event.

Daniels contract with TNA Impact Wrestling recently ended when the company chose not to re-sign him. Kazarian’s contract ends on June 1, which is why they couldn’t show him or mention his name in the promo. Daniels’ return is a huge deal since he was a Ring of Honor original, perfecting his Fallen Angel gimmick there before making the jump to TNA Impact Wrestling.

The news that Daniels and Kazarian will head to Ring of Honor Wrestling caps a week of turmoil for TNA Impact Wrestling. Last week, the production team threatened to walk out unless their pay was caught up to date. Then, PWS reported on Saturday that a number of wrestlers are worried about the fact TNA has no television contract in place after this year, and many have started inquiring about wrestling for other companies, including Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling.