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Ring it up for 'Ride Along' again

It ride to a win again.
It ride to a win again.
Box Office Mojo

It was a weekend of holdovers atop the box office as "Ride Along" one again drove away with the crown. The staying power of the patriotic "Lone Survivor" stays in second as well.

As expected (see here), the new wide release of "I, Frankenstein" failed to scare up an audience. It was also a good weekend for the still solid "Nut Job." So solid that plans are already in the works for a sequel. Speaking, or writing about, solid, "Frozen" is still hanging around. It, too, beat the newcomer.

1. "Ride Along" - $21.1 million
2. "Lone Survivor" - $12.6 million
3. "The Nut Job" - $12.3 million
4. "Frozen" - $9 million
5. "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" - $8.8 million

"I, Frankenstein" failed to make this chart and that is a rare feat for a newcomer. Ouch. It came in at around $8.2 million.

So, the top three stay the same as the previous weekend. Meanwhile, weather woes continue to grip much of the United States. If weather forecasters could be blamed for poor turnout at the turnstiles and businesses, perhaps this would be a good month to test that theory.

Yes, the weather is bad but the constant reminder of telling everyone to hibernate and not even open the door to get the mail, can be a bit much. OK, even the mail item is a bit much, but officials tend to want every weather event to be the worst ever, and therefore, cause a panic and a massive business headache.

Urging people to stay home isn't always the wise choice and sometimes causes people to become lazy or expect to be off of work, or things to be closed.

On the Oscar front, "Gravity" returns to IMAX theater this weekend and "American Hustle" continues to lead the way at the box office since the nominations were announced. "The Wolf of Wall Street" is expected to go over $100 million soon on the domestic side.

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