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Ring Bearer Pillows

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These pillows are used to carry the wedding rings toward the bride and groom at the beginning of the wedding ceremony by a young boy or girl from either side of the family. These little ones on most occasions steal the show as they slowly walk up the isle with their treasure.The ring bearer pillow is the centre of attraction therefore it has become a custom to have these little gems decorated to match the rest of the wedding decoration.

First, decide on the kind of material you want your wedding ring bearer pillows, or ring bearer pillows, to be made of. Would you prefer satin or silk? Or would you prefer something like brocade or even a pillow made of the same material as your wedding dress? Think about the kind of material you want to have, and that will help you narrow your search down a bit more. If you are stuck for options, some of the popular choices are either satin or silk which can go beautifully with any sort of wedding theme you are thinking of having.

Next, think about the sort of color you want your wedding ring bearer pillows, or ring bearer pillows, to be. There are plenty of stunning colors out there that you can choose from, like cream, ivory, off white, pure white, baby blue, and pale peach to name just a few. Just bear in mind that when choosing the colors to make sure that it matches your wedding theme and goes together well with all the other elements about the wedding.

In the end, no matter what style of wedding ring pillows you choose to go for, as long as they match the wedding theme and flow together excellently with the rest of the overall wedding ceremony, they will be beautiful. And if you are happy with it, then ultimately that is all that matters.

Also, think about the way you want your pillows to be decorated. This is actually the best part of the whole thing because there are so many beautiful designs out there which are really what makes one cushion stand out from the next. The decorations can be made of anything from Swarovski crystals, diamante, tiny pearls, pillows decorated with lace and satin trimmings, pillows decorated with satin hearts or roses, you name they have it.


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