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Rima Fakih crowned 2010 Miss USA


Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih crowned 2010 Miss USA

What started as a bathing suit competition in Long Beach, California, in the 1950s has evolved into an annual event that gives one lucky woman a one year lease on a fancy apartment in New York City, an undisclosed salary, and a variety of health and beauty perks.  And this year's recipient of the Miss USA crown is Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih.

Miss Fakih, a Lebanese immigrant and Arab-American is believed to be both the first immigrant, as well as the first Muslim-Christian to bear the title of Miss USA.  While the Miss USA organization could not confirm this information, it could also not deny it.

The brunette Miss Michigan, who sold her car to help pay for her expenses in competing for the title, stated that she believed that all health insurance plans should pay for birth control pills as they would any other medication.  She confidently strode across the state in an orange and pink bikini during the swimsuit competition, but took a minor stumble during the evening gown competition, when she tripped slighly on the long, white train of the dress.

As the new Miss USA, Rima Fakih will go on to represent the United States in the Miss Universe pageant later this summer.


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