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RIM adds Android. Is an Android Blackberry phone, next?

I have written about how Android is breaking into RIM (Research in Motion - the makers of Blackberry products). Just this week RIM demoed Android apps on the Blackberry Playbook. And without you knowing it they have produced seamless integration in the Playbook. Hey its open sourced, remember? In March we learned that they are also working to bring the official BBM app/service to Android and then iOS. Lastly, they have started to develop an Enterprise Management for Android devices. But what is next?

Is it a myth? Or will this propel Blackberry into its next iteration?
Alain Joseph

I believe this is Blackberry's litmus test of the Android platform. It is very plausible that RIM could create a Blackberry UI (User interface) to run on Android’s OS. If you watch the video to the left of the Android Market on the Blackberry Playbook, it gives no indication that it Android is anywhere involved. But conceptualizing this further, it is possible to create a Blackberry UI or possibly meld the two OSes together in a new paradigm. Similar to how MACs can run Windows on any new MAC, RIM could institute a parallel OS that has both elements of Blackberry and Android.

Wild, you say? It certainly is, however if we consider what Blackberry can do to regain marketshare and continue to be the business smartphone of choice while still gaining individual uses – this would be the smartest move. RIM obviously already has labs working and testing Android, so is this really a far-fetched idea. Come on RIM, you can do it! Your legs have gotten wobbly but you are certainly not out for the count! More to come.

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