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Rihanna was banned from having boyfriends as a teen

The psychological profile of sexy Rihanna has gotten more interesting than ever with recent revelations that her mom was very strict about her dating privileges when she was a teen. Rihanna has said her mother banned her from having boyfriends as a teenager, reported MTV on Jan. 15, 2014. Maybe it was her frustrations over having had to wait to get involved with boys that lead Rihanna to unleash her sexual passions with a vengeance later on.

Singer Rihanna looks on during a basketball game.
Al Bello/Getty Images

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue magazine Rihanna admitted that her mom Monica banned her from dating as a teen. Rihanna has commented, "I wasn't allowed to date. At 13 my mum would tell me, 'You can have a boyfriend when you're 16!' And then at 16 she'd say, 'I never said that - and as a matter of fact, it's 40!'” Than just after posting hot racy bikini photos on her Instagram page, the 25 year old superstar said that she remembered being self-conscious as a teenager while she was growing up in Barbados.

Nevertheless, it appears Rihanna actually coped well with her situation during her adolescence, saying that she wasn't really interested in any particular boys at that time in her life anyway, reports TVNZ. Rihanna has shared that she felt she had a flat chest and mosquito-bitten skin, and has said with a smile, "It was a horrible combination!" It appears at that time Rihanna never could have guessed someday she would be considered one of the sexiest young women in the entertainment industry, whose sex appeal and talent would make her filthy rich. Now she has men all over the world interested in her.

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