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Rihanna suggests fans see ‘Lone Survivor’; compliments Navy Seals for strength

Rihanna suggests fans see "Lone Survivor"
Rihanna suggests fans see "Lone Survivor"
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Rihanna might not be a movie critic, nor is she the first person that fans would rush to for a suggestion to watch a movie over the weekend, but her assessment of "Lone Survivor" is impressive. On Friday the entertainer dished on the new movie and she gave the Navy Seals some big compliments about their service to America. In fact, the patriotic remarks are being echoed by everyone who has watched the movie and remind fans just how much the men and women sacrifice.

“Navy Seals are made of a different kind of strength! We could never fully grasp the type of mentality it takes to do what they do with pride,” tweeted Rihanna from her official Twitter account on Friday. It was obvious the star wanted people to show some love to the military branch and check out the movie. She followed up with the hash tag “Lonesurvivor.”

Lone Survivor has gotten a big response from Hollywood and beyond. Based on a true story, the picture isn't for the faint at heart as the men are involved in the Afghanistan war and the battle claims several lives. However, the film also tells the story of the Navy Seals who are trained to do their jobs and in this story pays the ultimate price in offering their strength to the United States.

Lone Survivor is currently in theaters. According to Rihanna it is a great flick to check out this weekend!