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Rihanna poses topless for ‘Vogue’ Brazil; magazine has people watching the beach

Rihanna hasn’t even graced the cover of “Vogue” Brazil, but she is already having the fans talking. The star was seen on the beach in Brazil on topless and looking sexy during the photo shoot and the fans couldn’t take their eyes off of her. According to the Latin Press on Friday, there was a crowd that gathered around the star and she didn’t mind all the lookers.

Rihanna was wearing pasties to keep all her private parts covered, but she revealed enough for the gawking to be worthy. Showing off her tattoos from the waist up, the star seemed to really embrace the free feeling look that Vogue was hoping to capture.

While Rihanna was posing for the Vogue cover, it was very obvious that the final decision on what she was going to look like still hadn’t been decided. The 25-year-old singer was seen in several outfit changes and most of the fashion was just bottoms as she posed topless for the majority of the photo shoot.

So how will Rihanna look at the front of “Vogue?” Fans expect she will appear absolutely stunning and usually the star does look perfect. Expect to see Rihanna grace the cover in the next few months! Readers can hardly wait!

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