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Rihanna parties it up with DJ Spade at the Raven NYC

Rihanna brings the red lipstick straight from Paris Fashion Week
Photo by Pierre Suu/Getty Images

Very early Sunday morning, March 16, superstar Rihanna arrived in New York from Paris Fashion Week at midnight after a long flight. Even with jet-lag, the singer could not wait to see her secret love, DJ Spade.

According to reports from Mail Online, the single Rihanna was not in the mood to sleep due to the stress of the Chris Brown rehab fiasco and Drake giving her ultimatums to cut the "Loyal" singer off once and for all. Instead, the "Diamonds" songstress chose to work off some stress at The Raven NYC, the hottest club in the NY Meatpacking district. Getting dressed in her limo on the way from the airport to The Raven, Rihanna emerged at the club wearing lots of bright red lipstick, a mixed-metal choker and gigantic white gold hoop earrings. She featured ripped jeans and a Chicago Bulls jacket looking truly sporty and ready to "PAR-TAY!"

As soon as Rihanna made it into the club, she bee-lined straight to the DJ booth to hook-up with her secret crush DJ Spade! DJ Spade played reggae-ton and dance hall music, which RiRi LOVED! She was seen doing the “dutty hall” dance with DJ Spade and sipping on coronas all night. She stayed close to her DJ man frolicking around and dancing until closing time.

Do you think you think Rihanna has a thing for Raven's DJ Spade now?

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