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Rihanna dead? Rihanna death hoax takes over Facebook

Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS

Is Rihanna dead? No, the "Monster" singer is not dead despite what you might have read on Facebook. On Jan. 25, The Epoch Times confirmed that Rihanna is alive and well in Brazil. The "death photo" that is circulating online is the one that TMZ obtained a few years ago -- after RiRi's violent fight with then-boyfriend, Chris Brown. The photo shows Rihanna's face all beaten and bruised with her eyes closed -- which makes the pic a perfect death hoax photo.

However, most people have seen that picture of Rihanna before and many realized that it was not a recent photo of her dead body.

Rihanna was not found dead after being raped despite what some outlets have been reporting based on the fake news information on Facebook. When users click the "link" that is attached to the old Rihanna photo, they are taken to a site that sort of resembles YouTube. They are then asked to verify their age and then to participate in a survey according to The Epoch Times.

It's unknown if a virus of any kind is associated with the death hoax link but it is advised that users don't click the link or type in any information.

Rihanna is not dead and that's all people need to know. Hopefully the bad link stops circulating and this rumor goes away quickly.

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