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Rihanna cyberbullies young fan: Mean retweet a swipe at teen’s self-esteem?

Rhianna cyberbullies young fan trying to imitate the super star.
Twitter / Alex Carter

Rihanna is accused of cyberbullying a fan who loved one of the outfits the pop singer wore and tried to imitate the look for her school prom. The 16-year-old girl is clearly a fan of Rihanna’s and as they say “imitation is the highest form of flattery.” Instead of being flattered, Rihanna posted a zinger about the comparison the girl attempted to make between the two dressed in similar attire, according to MSN Wonderwall on May 16.

Alex Carter was proud of her creation and she posted it on social media for all to see. She was also happy with the reception she got when wearing it to her Baltimore high school prom that happened to be “Hollywood” themed. Social media didn’t take too kindly to the dress on the teen, but you wouldn’t expect Rihanna to make fun of it and perpetuate the meanness.

Apparently Rihanna didn’t take the comparison as a compliment. What she posted seemed to poke fun at the teen for even thinking she could dare bare a resemblance to Rihanna in this outfit. The Huffington Post suggests that Rihanna has "too much time on her hands" after seeing what she posted, which was hurtful to her young fan.

When Carter posted her pictures wearing her prom ensemble on social media she didn’t have any thoughts of grandeur when it came to looking like the pop-singer. Carter even put side-by-side pictures of her in one photo and Rihanna in another with the caption, “Instagram” under Rihanna’s photo and “Real Life” under her photo.

The teal Alexandre Vauthier winged jumpsuit that Rihanna wore was made for her, Carter created her own version and did a pretty good job. Instead of complimenting the teen on her creation, Rihanna dissed this pretty young girl, who was inspired by her idol.

The pop singer retweeted the picture and added a frowny face. Someone else poked fun at Carter by posting the picture of Carter in her prom creation next to a picture of the Wu-Tang Clan symbol. Rihanna added in the post “She gets it” regarding the Wu-Tang joke. Why would Rihanna perpetuate this meanness and give them more fuel for their bullying?

Sadly Carter, once an avid fan of the “What Now” singer, was hurt by Rihanna’s posts. In an interview Carter said about Rihanna, “She doesn’t love her fans like she says she does.”

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