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Rihanna continues to cheer against Team USA in the 2014 World Cup

Rihanna is not a supporter of the U.S. men's national team at the 2014 World Cup.
Rihanna is not a supporter of the U.S. men's national team at the 2014 World Cup.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Spike TV

The United States Men's National Soccer Team just suffered a loss to Germany in the first round of the 2014 World Cup, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. The loss on June 26, 2014, didn't knock Team USA out as they still advanced to the Round of 16, but not with the support of singer Rihanna. Throughout the game with Germany, she continued tweeting her support for any team playing against the United States.

The singer, born in Barbados, obviously isn't in to what is trending, and that would be supporting the U.S. men's soccer team at the World Cup.

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Rihanna likes to go off on her own tangents, and maybe she really wanted Germany to win, or maybe she just wanted attention. Who knows? None the less, she drew as much attention as possible by constantly tweeting in support of Germany.

"Germany come onnn!!!"

That was just one of the many tweets in support of Germany as she cheered on the lone goal scored in the game.

Sure, Rihanna isn't from the United States and can choose to cheer for whichever team she chooses, but it always seems to be whatever team is opposing the Americans. A few days ago, she was full-on supporting Portugal against the United States.

A game which ended in a 2-2 tie.

During that game, she was thankful for Cristiano Ronaldo's setup to Silvestre Valera that brought about the tying goal.

Going back through her Twitter, she seems to know a number of players on the German national team so it's possible she is just looking out for her friends. For as much as she doesn't support the United States though, she did tweet respect for U.S. goalie Tim Howard.

Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see where her support is when the United States plays its next World Cup 2014 game on Tuesday.

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