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Rihanna in a pickle over #FreePalestine tweet

Rihanna in a pickle over her FreePalestine tweet.
Rihanna in a pickle over her FreePalestine tweet.
Photo: Courtesy of Rihanna via Twitter.

Singer Rihanna makes headlines yet again, this time as she claims she didn’t even realize that she had tweeted #FreePalestine, reports celebrity tabloid TMZ. But this is probably as close to getting to know Rihanna’s political and global views that we are going to get…

TMZ claims that the 26-year-old Barbados-born beauty says she had deleted her #FreePalestine twitter posting some eight minutes after she had tweeted because it was “never meant to be sent out in the first place.”

A source close to her has told TMZ that Rihanna “didn't even realize it was a tweet until she started hearing from her fans.” However, this “source” admits that the pop diva had been reading up on the Middle East conflict via the internet when she apparently accidentally clicked a link…

The source reveals that Rihanna’s fans were soon asking her why she was pro-Palestine. Any of you tweeters out there know that it’s not so easy to post on Twitter without the deliberate act of typing a message or pasting it from some other source, although sometimes an article or video can be twitter from an icon link, but even then you have to submit it by pressing “tweet!”

Rihanna also tweeted, “Lets’ pray for peace and a swift end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict! Is here any hope?….” I think that pretty much speaks for itself what Rihanna was feeling after reading about the current situation there…

TMZ’s source added that Rihanna is not “pro-Palestine” or “pro-Israel” but rather “pro-peace,” continuing to explain that “She doesn't want innocent people dying.”

Obviously, in taking the trouble to explain her #FreePalestine tweet, Rihanna is making an effort to say she’s not dissing Israel for their treatment of Palestinians or forcibly occupying Palestine. As for her real motives, she’s certainly entitled to her own beliefs and opinions and apparently felt the need to share.

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