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Right-wing hypocrisy

Tea Party Express in Washington D.C.
Tea Party Express in Washington D.C.

It is like Ted Haggard's vehement declarations that he's not gay (he claims he is "a heterosexual with homosexual attachments"), he would be less revolting if he just came out and admitted that he was gay but because he is afraid that he will burn in hell, so he lives his life as a married heterosexual man with homosexual tendencies. It's verbose, but at least it's true. 

For the likes of Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and other fringe right wing militants and activists et al, it would also be easier if they just came out and said that they can't stand the fact that the president of United States is African-American, who doesn't look and sound like them, who is not trigger happy, who doesn't use the Lord's name in vain for political gain, who is scholarly and erudite (elite), knows his history, can pronounce the word "nuclear" and is well liked and appreciated by the international community for his diplomacy and all of the traits mentioned above. It would be so much more refreshing if they all just came out en mass and said: "yes, we are raving bigots, racists and for the cherry on top, we are xenophobes as well." Instead, they are calling the president a "fascist", "socialist", "marxist" and "communist"; note to conservatives: it is ideologically impossible to be all of those things at once, so please open the encyclopedia, look up the historical background and definition of each of the aforementioned ideologies, then pick one and stay with it. In their rhetoric, there is an undertone of questioning the president's legitimacy to lead this nation because of his 'questionable' background. They make the president out to be some sort of mysterious character that was not borne of a mother and father but someone who is moulded from clay and voodoo priests breathed life into him and then named him "Barack Hussein Obama". 

President Obama has always deflected the question regarding race when it came to his opposition and the tone of their rhetoric, he doesn't wish to play the race card, he was elected by a landslide so there is no need go down that road. Since the passage of health care reform and while senators and members of congress are back in their home districts campaigning for reelection, the rhetoric from the right has been ratcheted up a few notches. It is nothing specific, all very cloak and dagger with words like the Obama "regime" and "gangster government" as Michele Bachmann refers to the current administration. Bachmann also claims that global warming and climate change is exaggerated and that carbon dioxide is a 'good gas' because it is a natural by product of nature. Sarah Palin revised her previous "un-American" remark to say while the president is not un-American but his policies have the unintended consequences of being un-American. It's a semantics game. 

If there was ever a week to debut preposterous claims, this would be the week. Bachmann says that the government has taken over 51% of the economy-hence it is a gangster government, no one is sure where she got those numbers and she still believes that the president's new health care reform will still pull the plug on granny. Bachmann called the president Anti-American on The Chris Matthews Show, and after catching flak from her party, she apologized for her statement, but recently she recanted that apology and now claims to have the prophetic powers of Nostradamus. Sarah Palin also claimed at the Tea Party Express III rally that the average American works for the government 100 days out of the year,  and that Democratic policies have made America "less secure" and "less safe," as well as "more beholden to foreign countries," again, fuzzy math, broad generalizations and half-truths. With globalization, the policies of protectionism and isolationism are outmoded and outdated. To expect the U.S. military to nuke Iran and North Korea because we don't like their nuclear weapons policy is rash and imprudent. Even if the the federal government allowed anyone to 'drill baby drill' anywhere they liked, it would still be at least 10 years before the American consumer sees a drop of oil. 

Dear Senator McCain, have you any idea what you unleashed onto the American public? Did you think Sarah Palin will quietly fade back into the Alaskan wilderness after you lost the election?


  • dan 5 years ago

    Wow, this person that wrote this doesn't have a clue.

  • JOHN 5 years ago

    Excellent article. Hatred and bigotry is not the answer and ignorance and stupidity is not an excuse either. Focus on the positive like the Financial Reform Act, getting back the Glass Steagall Act and repealing or amending the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977.

  • steve 5 years ago

    He plays the race card when it helps him. The racists are the dems and hell ya Im part of the tea party and happy with that. Lady you need to look up your facts and stop watching Obama's new station MSMBC they are the most hateful people around.I dont give a crap if he black,green or blue he is taking my country down, and i well fight him all the way until we get them out of office.

  • Matt 5 years ago

    It's just unfortunate that a lot of this hatred stems from white trash ignorance and they cannot seem to fathom that we have a black President who is probably smarter than all of these complaining hicks combined. Some of them even joined the tea partiers thinking that class is contagious.

  • Someguy 5 years ago

    That was truly one of the most pointless and hypocritical things I have ever read.

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