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Right-wing boots Cantor: more fun in politics

Cantor loses to a Brat
Cantor loses to a Brat
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

I have to admit it's fun watching a civil war continue within the Republican Party. David Brat is an economics professor from some small town college in Virginia. To show how tuned-in to politics the students are from Brat's Randolph-Macon College, many if not most of the student body didn't even know Brat was involved in a congressional race. Eric Cantor was just another hack politician with basically nothing to show for his time in office: his own constituency didn't think much of him-obviously.

Cantor announced he will resign from the Majority Leader spot on July 31st. There won't be a wet eye in the House unless Mrs Cantor is there for a visit (okay-maybe a member of Cantor's staff). I'm not sure, but I'm willing to guess Cantor was the only Jew in congress from Virginia. Like any good politician, Cantor can always become a lobbyist, and would make a ton more money doing so. That's the typical move once a politician leaves office: proceed to a lobbying firm, and use your political contacts as a way to make millions now hawking major industry regardless of how it affects the citizens you were once representing. This is today's American model of greed in politics.

David Brat is a "free market" economist, and in Republican terms, it means he'll vote for any tax cut and any cut in regulations. Forget that we went down this road before under George W. Bush and we ended up with the Great Recession, but who cares about recent history? Brat is a favorite of the extreme right including the talk radio hacks like Laura Ingram and Mark Levin, two idiots who still think Bush was a good president. Bush left office with poll numbers as low as Richard Nixon after he resigned.

I love watching these right-wingers because they're not only misinformed about tax policy, but they are clueless to the changing demographic which will ultimately defeat their attempts to become a political force in the future: they can knock immigration reform all they want, but these illegal immigrants, for the most part, aren't going anywhere. Yes, we have to strengthen the border, but removing 12 million illegals is not going to happen. By the way, President Obama has deported more illegals than any prior President, but it still won't really change the 12 million number. Bush actually should have taken up the border issue after 9/11 since it was the perfect time to make a cause of sealing our borders, which most Americans agree with.

If the right-wing would understand that, at this point, knowing the logistics of trying to send back 12 million illegals being virtually impossible, by creating a pathway for citizenship, we could make sure these illegal aliens become tax paying citizens who can contribute to programs like Social Security. The American birthrate isn't what it was after WWII, so the more citizens we have contributing to Social Security, the more likely we can continue to keep that program solvent for years to come. But that idea is too logical for the right who are bent on doing it their way. This crowd will also tick off college students by not buying into a program to offset mushrooming student debt tied to absurdly high college costs. It doesn't mean a bail out-but some program to remove debt so big, it's killing chances of future wage earners from becoming productive citizens. Other countries seek to make sure a future awaits their college graduates. In America, the urge to cut taxes for the wealthy, kept chipping away at money that otherwise could have gone into public universities, one factor of money lost which created the need to hike college costs. America is rich enough (or was)to ensure there's a public education system designed to graduate those who seek a bright future as an American citizen who simply wants to earn a decent living. If we relegate that concept to the ash heap of history, you can kiss our greatness goodbye: it's already happening.

Of course, the right is blind to even the remote idea that climate change is not only occurring, but that man-made toxins just may be (assisting in) fueling this on-going disaster. I don't have children, but I would't want to see their future in a world with ever-rising sea levels and what may happen to crops around the world as temperatures rise, and weather changes affect mankind in ways we can't predict. With the extreme right, it's all about what is good for us now. Trickle-down economics is still a believed process which will produce jobs. Even if it doesn't, it makes rich people wealthier, and that seems to be the mantra of the right. I won't mention guns, because it's too late to limit gun availability. The only chance much of us have on protecting ourselves get a gun: another farsighted idea by the right.

Goodbye and good riddance to Eric Cantor. he did nothing for Virginia otherwise he would have been reelected. Hopefully, and this is asking a lot, maybe Kentucky can remove another eyesore--that old coot Mitch McConnell. He's another dinosaur who needs to be put out to the bluegrass pasture. Like I said, it will be a more enjoyable political season this year.

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