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Right or wrong

How do you decide what is right or wrong? If you reject the Bible as the word of God, you still make choices every day, accepting some attitudes and actions as right, and rejecting others as wrong. A "snitch" in criminal terminology, is one who lets the police or another authority knew who did a particular crime. That is one code of "honor." If you choose to hang out with people who take drugs and get drunk, then to do so is considered right, although the Holy Spirit through the Bible tells us it is wrong.

Similarly in our culture, some sexuality is considered right and praiseworthy, when the Bible and the Holy Spirit says it is wrong. One may think this is no big deal unless one is Christian. But studies show that cohabitation/fornication before marriage does not result in stronger marriages later. Sex and companionship, which are rated highly by males, are not good ingredients for commitment, which is more appreciated by women usually. So cohabit with a woman until she is about 35, then dump her for one about 25! Why not? If we are all "the masters of our fate and the captains of our souls," as I was taught in high school, then a guy is justified to do that a la Hugh Heffner, until he is at least 85 years old (and with big bucks).

A contemporary singer croons, "Don't tell me how to live my life, don't tell me how to pray." Fine. My opinion of how he should pray and live his life is not important, nor is his opinion of how I should pray or live my life important to me. If God does not exist and has not spoken clearly to us, all we have to determine right and wrong are our opinions. Then, as Doestoyevsky said, "If there is no God, then anything is permissible.

Until I was a boy, Bible readings and prayers were common in public schools. Of course everyone was not supernaturally converted to Jesus Christ to love and to follow him as Lord. But our laws have been based on the Bible since Alfred the Great. Which of those laws stick in your craw? Upon what basis do you he feel that your standards, when they differ, are higher than those taught in the Bible? Do you use your reason or emotions to say some things are right while others are wrong? Do you use myths that are not grounded in history, as the crucification and the resurrection are grounded? What gives you meaning and purpose in life? One bumper sticker says, " He who dies with the most toys wins." But he still dies. And after death comes the judgement, with Jesus Christ coming as the judge of all people.

The Holy Spirit through means of the Bible, and on different occasions apart from the Bible( although never in opposition to it), has offended me and has run counter to my reason and emotions many times. If this has not happened to you, it is nothing to be proud of. It. Just means that you have set yourself up as God, with very limited intelligence and very untrustworthy emotions, to determine what is right or wrong, apart from the revealed will of a God.

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