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Right Hook Promotions is making headlines with Jesus “Chuy” Gutierrez

Right Hook Promotions packed the house with impressive main event
Right Hook Promotions packed the house with impressive main event
Michael Boykin Sr.

Vegas is buzzing over last weekend’s fight between Jesus “Chuy” Gutierrez and Moris Rodriguez. It’s been a long time since boxing fans have been this excited and maintained their momentum well after the fight by taking it to the newspapers and social networks. Normally if it’s not a big name boxer drawing in millions of tourists, these small named professional boxers never seem to get the same support. But fans seem to be very impressed with undefeated, Chuy Gutierrez. Chuy is signed under Right Hook Promotions (RHP), another promising company who’s already making noise in the boxing arena.

Chuy Gutierrez
Michael Boykin Sr.

Chuy was not supposed to headline the show “Throw Down at Sam’s Town II” but when the original main event between Rashad “The One” Ganaway and Victor “El Nino” Castro for the vacant WBC-USNBC belt but the fight “fell out for testing” according to Pete Pochiro at the weigh in. That moved The Gutierrez and Rodriguez fight in the top spot. At the weigh in you could tell the politics were at an all-time high for this fight when they thanked everyone including God for this fight, but only mentioned RHP just before the fighters got on the scale towards the end. The irony in it all was that RHP and Chuy stepped up to the scale, packed the house and saved that fight card because over half the fans in the arena were there to see Chuy.

When Towan Butler, Owner of Right Hook Promotions, first met Chuy he was 3-0. “I used to watch him spar at Johnny Tocco Gym and when I saw him fight at the Texas and how he packed the house, I knew I wanted to sign on as his promoter,” states promoter Town Butler. “When I started Right Hook Promotions the first person I wanted to work with was Chuy. He told me that he just wanted to feel like an athlete and I assured him that I would protect his career. Well my exact words were, I got your back!”

Boxing has taken a beat down lately, even lost quite a bit of fans and media support because the politics of the sport has taken over the love of it. They have seemed to adapt to Las Vegas’ favorite saying “It’s who you know and who knows you,” so a lot of fighters, promoters, trainers and legitimate media outlets get disrespected and pushed aside. That is why last weekend’s fight was so epic. Chuy proved that you don’t have to have a big name to draw a crowd. The best kind of fighter to watch is one that does not take pride in humiliating his opponent before or after he “beat him like he stole his jewelry or something.”

Many believe that the boxing industry needs to re-invent itself to open doors for upcoming champions to work towards a big ticket fight without bias or favor. There is enough money, fame and fighters to go around and RHP could possibly be the truth and future of boxing, starting with Chuy. RHP is in the perfect position to open those door for upcoming fighters considering fans are starving for good, wholesome and clean fights. Most important, the fans want to hear about it, so being media friendly could be your best advantage in the boxing game.

Fight Results:

Jesus ‘Chuy’ Gutierrez (11-0, 3KO’s) won by Unanimous Decision vs Moris Rodriguez (4-4-1, 3 KO’s)

Wilberth Lopez won by Majority Decision vs Leon Spinks III

Wes Capper won an impressive 2nd Round TKO vs RaShawn McCain

Sergio Lopez won by Unanimous Decision vs Santos Vazquez

Yosigey Ramirez won by Unanimous Decision vs Mario Gaxiola

JJ Wallos fought Enrique Montes to a Draw

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