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RIFT: Free server transfers a permanent possibility

Just a few weeks after RIFT's launch, players needed a way to transfer servers. Servers would fill up quickly leaving friends and guilds separated. Not to mention, those in the head start program found their servers either heavily overpopulated or quickly barren as the weeks passed by.

A selection of screenshots showing a RIFT opening.
A selection of screenshots showing a RIFT opening.
The skull is my buddy.

Luckily, Trion knows the gamers' plight. In a non-traditional but welcome move, free server transfers will be available with the next major update. Game update 1.3 will usher in the transfers which will let players move to a new server free of charge. This in itself is not surprising, MMOs often do this after launch; however, RIFT is changing the service quite dramatically.

These free server transfers won't stop in the "foreseeable future." Players will be able to continually move servers throughout their RIFT experience for free. There are limitations, of course, but they are few. A player can only transfer once every seven days. Additionally, players can only transfer to certain servers. These select servers are chosen based on their population and will, most likely, change each week.

No restrictions apply to the ruleset of the server transfers. Although guilds can transfer, more information on that feature will be presented at a later date. Keep in mind that this service is subject to change before, during, or after its existence. For more questions answered, visit the official FAQ on the RIFT forums.

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