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‘RiffTrax Live’ conquers Roland Emmerich’s ‘Godzilla’

Godzilla beaten by funny jokes
Godzilla beaten by funny jokes
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A month after taking on the most talked about B-movie of 2013, “Sharknado,” the guys at RiffTrax returned on Aug. 14 for a live riffing of one of the biggest disappointments of the 90s. Roland Emmerich’s “Godzilla” was spoofed by Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy at the Belcourt Theatre in Memphis, Tenn., and the event was simulcast to theaters nationwide via Fathom Events.

Since “Godzilla” is longer than most of the films that get spoofed at “RiffTrax Liveevents, there was no short preceding the riffing of “Godzilla.” But, as always, there were some hilarious pre-show slides and songs that kept the audience entertained before the show. One of the songs included Weird Al Yankovic’s “Jurassic Park,” and the slides consisted of faux spoilers and movie quotes.

One of the spoilers revealed that the hit 90s series, “Twin Peaks,” was a show that contained “two peaks.” Movie mistakes included Jet Jaguar, a reference to “Godzilla vs. Megalon.” And people also found out the difference between “Mickey Mousing” and “Mickey Rourking.”

At this event, the guys introduced their new opening animation. The theme consisted of characters from previous films the guys have riffed. One moment showed Thor beating Edward from “Twilight” with his mighty hammer. The guys mentioned that the new introduction would be used at future shows, too.

The guys took many swipes at Matthew Broderick. One moment in the film’s opening sequence has him listening to music, but the guys said it was the “Rosetta Stone for being a likable actor.” When Broderick showed a look of shock, someone chimed in: “My God, I married Sarah Jessica Parker?” And, of course, there was a “Ferris Bueller” reference, where someone said his second day off “was not as whimsical.”

When Godzilla roams the streets of New York City, his body takes out several buildings. The guys cheered when the Goldman Sachs building got destroyed. And when we see the ground shaking, someone mentioned: “If the whole city’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’.” Another took a jab at Chris Christie, when the city was shaking. Someone said it was either Godzilla or the New Jersey governor was “on the campaign trail.”

There were several references to the newly released “Godzilla,” including one mention at the end when Godzilla was defeated. As Broderick approached the beast, one of the guys acted as the lizard, saying: “I’ll see you in 16 years in a forgettable reboot.”

If you missed the showing, there will be an encore presentation on Aug. 19. Click here to see if it is playing at a theater near you.

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