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Rife with lies and corruption, Obama in denial is the fetid heart of corruption

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Barack Obama faced off against Bill O’Reilly before the Super Bowl on Sunday and ducked, dodged, and weaved his way through a series of very pointed and pertinent questions. Obama declared that all of O’Reilly’s questions were phony concoctions of FOX News and right wing pundits like himself who never give the president a fair shake. When challenged by O’Reilly to give him one instance in which he himself has treated the president unfairly, Obama again obfuscated and asserted that only FOX News made mountains out of these mole hills.

O’Reilly interview with Obama in Super Bowl pre-game show

Obama’s assertions and denials that there is even a smidgen of corruption in his administration was not just the obvious dodging of questions by a politician caught in a lie, but the deliberate misdirection of a sociopath from the truth. O’Reilly failed in many aspects of the questions he posed to Mr. Obama in not asking why no rescue was sent to Benghazi for the eight hours the battle raged while he watched the entire event unfold in the White House Situation Room via drone. He also neglected to ask why six million individual insurance policies were cancelled when the president claimed that all policies were grandfathered in, and more importantly, why the employer mandate was delayed until after the 2014 mid-terms. Obama’s administration has not only been rampant with corrupt practices, but the president has perjured himself now on numerous occasions, the latest being his denial that he ever said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” America.