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Riding through the winter on a horse

Although the con of living in Missouri is the drastic weather, one of the pros is the recreation that the Kansas City area offers. Since the groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter, as a mom, it is hard to find different ideas to keep the kids busy and healthy. A great place to go to have fun and support the local police department is the Kansas City Police Department Mounting Patrol. They are located in Swope Park near the zoo. They do stay busy, but they more then welcome the little ones in to help take care of the horses and to learn about what they do. Everything from the horses to the food has been donated to the patrol, and you may think getting a donated horse, they probably aren't very fast…well that is the exact opposite, most of the police horses used to be race horses and also award winning race horses. The mounting patrol takes great care of their horses and lets them train in an indoor training area. They allow tours where they let the kids feed, brush and ride the horses. For the older ones they are able to ride the horses in the indoor riding area and the little ones can sit on and walk with the horses. This is a great indoor activity for kids of just about any age, and the best part is…it's FREE! Not only do you save money but you get to show your support for the local mounting patrol that protects our streets on a daily basis.  Don't wait, set up your visit today!