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Riding therapy: Improving memory and coordination and more.

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A New study demonstrates once again that interaction between animal and human is significant in healing. The research was published in the journal of alternative medicine in 2013.

  • Equine therapy can improve people suffering from multitude disorders. A Few of them are:

Attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety, conduct disorders, Alzheimer’s disease. Autism patients and others suffering from chronic disorders may improve their symptoms by ‘horse riding therapy’. Anyone suffering from poor working memory, difficult learning ability and attention deficits symptoms can benefit from this kind of therapy.

  • The study demonstrates that the effects of the physical motion of a horse combined with the audiovisual perception of this motion on a group of children, with developmental coordination disorder or dyspraxia in terms of cognition, mood arousal, and gait variability, have improved.

Dyspraxia patients suffer also from difficulty remembering instructions, adhering to time schedules and remembering deadlines. They also have an increased propensity to lose things or problems carrying out tasks that require remembering several steps in sequence.

Physical impairments dyspraxia has no cure. Some estimates show that up to 50% of dyspraxics have ADHD.


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