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How to cycle in the rain

For most people, cycling in the rain is not the best conditions to ride. I personally don’t like to ride in the rain either. I have been caught riding in the rain and have had to learn to do it to get home. When the road surface is wet, riding becomes much more dangerous, the visibility of other as well as your visibility is affected in a negative way. Here are some tips to help you ride in the rain, that will make it easier and safer for you as a cyclist.

riding in the rain
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One of the biggest concern in safety is tires, the connection to the riding surface is what keeps you upright on the bike. There are several things that affect your connection to the surface of the road.

Tire pressure is one thing that makes a difference. The higher the tire pressure, the less surface of the tire that will be touching the road surface. Lowering the tire pressure slightly, will put more of the rubber on the road, which will give you slightly more traction.

Cornering brings up some other issues of tire surface on the road. When cornering on wet roads, the tire surface is less, giving less traction. Leaning when you turn is something you have to do, when you are turning, try to keep your center of gravity over the tires as much as possible to keep your weight over the contact point.

Not all road surfaces give the same traction. Concrete is better than black top for traction, surfaces like cobblestone are much worse. If you ride on cobblestone, be extra careful. Paint on the road surface greatly decreases traction. Lines and crosswalks can be very slippery. Don’t go through crosswalks at an angle, go straight across the painted area without turning if at all possible.

Follow these tips to help you when you’re caught in the rain, or if you ride in the rain on purpose. The most important thing to remember when riding in the rain is that it is more dangerous and you should be concerned about safety above all else. The loss of traction is the biggest concern.


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