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Riding season is coming.

stunt riding.
stunt riding.
Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images for Gibson

Many of us here in Southern California ride motorcycles year round but for many the upcoming Laughlin River Run and the Yuma Prison Run is the unofficial kick off of the riding season. With that in mind now is a good time to get the house in order to so speak.
That means getting your motorcycle, your gear and most importantly you ready for the riding season.
Getting the motorcycle ready for many is easy it involves a visit to the local dealership or motorcycle shop. Many riders prefer the more hands on approach that should at least involve the basics such as fluids that need checking or changing like engine oil, brake fluid, coolant levels if applicable, tires for cracks and tread depth and so on.
The best tool for hands on types is to invest the Factory Service Manual (FSM) for your motorcycle. Just doing one task such as performing an oil change will pay for the manual.
Do not overlook small things like cable ends, brake line clamps and brackets. And take a look under the motorcycle while you are at it.

Your gear such as your boots, jackets, helmets, gloves and accessories need a looking over as well. Jackets can be cleaned, the pockets cleaned out, and for leather a going over with a leather product of some type, boots check the soles for tread and holes, and the stitching is intact.
On accessories now is the time replaced dried out and expired tubes of sun screen and bug repellant it is also a good time to see if that first aid kit on the bike is still good.
Check the motorcycle’s tool kit (if it has one) to ensure all the tools are there you may have forgotten to put back that 12mm wrench you “borrowed” to do the battery on the car.
Carrying a few spares like bulbs, fuses and tape might be helpful down the road.
Getting yourself ready that means getting mentally prepared for inattentive drivers, pot holes, construction sites and changing weather. It also involves getting your body used to long rides.

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