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Ride to work day: The other benefits

Ready for the ride to work!
Ready for the ride to work!
Chris Brotherton


  • Olivia 6 years ago

    Using your motorcycle for "me time" is a great way to relieve stress. And of course riding a bike for your commute can cut down on transportation costs, which is a financial stress reliever. Good suggestions all around... :D

  • Mom 6 years ago

    I know a shrink who rides a motorcycle. It seems to work for him too.

  • Roberta Baxter Eugene,OR. Dogs Examiner 6 years ago

    Good article for the relieving of stress. thank you! Well done.

  • Patty Davis 6 years ago

    Even on days I can't ride, just throwing a leg over the motorcycle seat and sitting for a while is a stress reliever for me.

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