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'Ride on Curlin' owners find mysterious surgery administered to lost dog

Lori Dougherty's dogs are as important to her as her horses. What happened to Roscoe?
Lori Dougherty's dogs are as important to her as her horses. What happened to Roscoe?

Lori Dougherty has been very busy with her Kentucky Derby runner and Preakness runner up, "Ride on Curlin", but she certainly wasn't prepared, nor does she understand the mystery around her golden retriever's disappearance and subsequent bizarre operation on his right hip in Kentucky earlier this week reports

At the family home in Louisville, the horses may rule the barn, but four golden retrievers rule the inside of the home, including 13-year-old Roscoe, who for the better part of his life sticks to a very structured routine. Every morning, he would leave the house at 8:00 a.m. and wander the friendly neighborhood - taking in the scents and all those wonderful things happy canines do. Approximately one hour later, Roscoe would return home.

Something happened on Monday however, that no one has been able to explain - if only Roscoe could talk, but the senior dog never came back that morning, and by noon all of the neighbors had gathered together calling the dog's name and searching everywhere.

So much emotion was involved as the Dougherty children cried in panic wondering what had happened to beloved Roscoe.

And then the strangest occurrence happened, when a security camera caught Roscoe walking slowly up the driveway almost 12 hours later. The dog's right leg area had been shaved, and it appeared someone had done primitive surgery with at least ten stitches in an area where Roscoe had repeatedly suffered from a hot spot.

Lori called around to all of the local veterinarians, and no one had performed any surgery to Roscoe, but this week the dog had some laser treatments to help his wound heal. Veterinarians say Roscoe should be fine.

According to Lori, Roscoe's morning routine now includes a human.

But why and who operated on Roscoe?

Perhaps this is a mystery not soon to be solved?

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Watch Roscoe's video by clicking here.

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