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Ride like Shaun White with Different Binding Positions

Different binding positions can really have an affect on your riding abilities.
Different binding positions can really have an affect on your riding abilities.
Photo by Raymond D. Petersen III

The conditions are perfect and the snow is knee deep with fresh powder. With built up anticipation you take that drop in for this untouched terrain. As you ride, you find yourself getting stuck because the board keeps sinking too much in the snow. If you have been riding deep powder before, the chances are highly likely this situation has occurred.

Most would argue that this is a problem with board design, when the main problem is quite the opposite. Placement of snowboard bindings is a key element that every rider should have a knowledge of. Unlike snowboarding's counter sport, skiing, each rider has the freedom to position their bindings in any way they see fit for their ride. This article will cover some common binding placements for any style of rider.

Deep powder is a luxury that every rider should enjoy without the hassle of having the board sink down in the snow. An excellent way to counter this problem would be to place the back binding closer to the tail of the board than the front. Best way to do this would be to place the back bindings as far out as possible, while placing the front binding one in from all the way to the front. This will allow for your weight to be concentrated towards the back of the board; which ultimately keeps the nose elevated above the powder.

For the fellow park rats out there, there is more variety for the placement of the bindings. Placing the bindings evenly apart will give you greater balance for hitting the rails and boxes. Another key item would also be to place the bindings as far out as they can go. When you have a wider stance, you gain a lower center balance.

For jumps and spinning keeping the bindings placed evenly apart will give you more ease for switch tricks. Along with having the bindings evenly apart, angling them out will also give you more control for when you find yourself riding switch.

Keeping these key tips in mind will give you an increase to your skill level as well as style. Above all else, do not be afraid to experiment with your bindings, you may find a unique placement that will make your riding experience more enjoyable.


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