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Ricky Martin has dreams of having a daughter

Ricky Martin has been investing a great deal of time at home in Puerto Rico raising his family. He's so into family life that he's now looking forward to having a daughter. Martin wants a daughter reported New Zealand City News on July 3, 2014. At 42 years old Martin has been a devoted father to his five-year-old twins Valentino and Matteo and he says he would love to have more kids.

Ricky Martin performs on stage
Ricky Martin performs on stage
Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images

Martin has said that being a parent has enhanced everything for him. Now he wants daddy's little girl. He says he's only starting and really does want more kids. Martin has been single since he split from his boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez Abella in January. He's been in the market for new love. He has said he's looking for someone with a similar vision in life.

It appears Martin is actually desperate to have a little girl reports Cover Media via Yahoo! Philippines News. His twin boys were born via surrogate in August 2008. His kids are always with him and enjoy seeing him perform. He often wonders if they will follow in his footsteps later in life.

Martin has shared that he loves being on the road. His kids have become very musical and he sees them as little artists. He has laughed and referred to them as little mini-me's. Although he's not really certain what's going to happen to his kids in the future he says he'll always be there to support them whatever they choose and whatever they decide to become.

Martin publicly revealed that he was a gay man on his personal website in 2010 reported US Weekly. He expressed the feeling that he was proud to say he is a fortunate homosexual man. Martin feels very blessed to be who he is. He and his previous stock broker boyfriend, Gonzalez Abella, welcomed his twin boys via a surrogate mother. Now as Martin continues to create very popular music at middle age he's intent on also continuing to nurture his family life.