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Ricky Martin and twin sons look adorably preppy at LAX

Flights are cancelled and delayed all over the United States due to ice, snow and extreme cold. However, Ricky Martin shared a photo of himself with his two young sons at the airport on Facebook Jan. 7.

Ricky Martin and twin sons at LAX
Facebook: Ricky Martin

The photo explained the trio was at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). Martin’s twin sons, Mateo and Valentino, age 5, are each pulling a small suitcase behind them. The blonde boys are wearing pants and preppy sweaters. Ricky is dressed casually in jeans and a sweater with a black backpack slung over his shoulder.

Martin recently told Ellen DeGeneres his children speak three languages. They speak Spanish at home, but also speak English. In addition, they attend a French school and are learning the language there.

Ricky also told Ellen the family splits their time between New York City, Puerto Rico and Australia. A commenter on the Facebook photo hopes Martin and his sons are headed to Australia for some warmth since it’s summer there now.

Ricky Martin launched the parenting website Piccolo Universe in 2013 where he blogs about fatherhood.

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