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Rick Wiles: Columbine & Sandy Hook enacted by "MK ultra mind control assassins"

Rick Wiles
Rick Wiles

During his March 13th, 2014 TruNews broadcast, Rick Wiles declared that 9/11 was carried out by a "sinister global secret government" that is also responsible for mass shootings like Columbine and Sandy Hook, which were carried out by "MK Ultra mind control assassins."

Keep in mind as you read the following that this man has had members of Congress join him on his radio show.

There is a sinister global secret government taking shape on planet earth. The 9/11 attack was the opening attack in an on-going psychological warfare operation to use horrific, bloody events for maximum mass shock purposes to condition the public to accept per-conceived thoughts about security versus freedom.

Adolf Hitler's Nazis burned down the German Reichstag and used the shock, horror, and anger to justify giving Hitler dictatorial powers.

George Bush, whose grandfather did business with the German Nazis, used 9/11 to justify the USA Patriot Act and the establishment of Homeland Security and the TSA. Duped by the Religious Right, millions of gullible church members flocked to the polls to re-elect him.

Today, an imposter named Barry Soetoro resides in the White House, pretending to be the president.

This is not even a sudden turn for the worst by Wiles. He has previously claimed that the 9/11 towers were destroyed by the Illuminati, that America has been secretly overthrown by Nazis and that Obama is the Fourth Beast of the Apocalypse.

[This] regime will have to convince gullible Americans who do not know their history that their gun-owning neighbors are a threat and menace to society. Such an operation has been underway for many years.

Mass shooting events such as the Columbine school shooting and the Washington Beltway Sniper are being carried out by MK Ultra mind-control assassins who were programmed to go on a murder spree.

The regime moved to another level on December 14, 2012 when a gunman allegedly went on a bloody rampage in the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Sandy Hook was timed to coincide with the political agenda of the socialist Democrats such as Barry Soetoro, Chuckie Schumer, and Dianne Feinstein to pass stringent federal gun control laws.

It was not a coincidence. The shooting event was timed to coincide with the gun control initiative.

And no, Wiles is not broadcasting his radio show from a padded cell. This is a man who walks freely among you.

Be very afraid.

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