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Rick Springfield gets his star

Rick Springfield
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Musician, author, and former daytime darling Rick Springfield (Noah, ‘General Hospital’) was honored last week with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Springfield’s friend Richard Marx was on hand for the ceremony. Also in attendance were Springfield’s ‘GH’ son Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake) and close friend Doug Davidson (Paul, ‘The Young and the Restless’).

‘I did not know I was going to play Rick’s son until two minutes before my audition. Our GH casting director Mark Teschner told me right before I went to stage before my final test told me, ‘You know, you are playing Rick Springfield’s son, right?’ If I wasn’t nervous, I was then, because obviously I knew Rick … And of course, the relationship that we have playing father and son obviously has the inevitable coming and going when your on-screen dad is rock star. But what I have with this guy is a relationship that is so clean, and so pure, and he has such an open heart, that every time that door opens and we’re there to work, it’s an instant thing where we just look at each other and we don’t have to do anything else. It is something that I do not take lightly, and I appreciate it every single time we work together…’ Thompson said (Courtesy of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce – via Michael Fairman).

‘This was a day Rick and I both knew was going to happen. He was so driven the entire time. He is the hardest working person I have ever known. When I got here and was standing here waiting for the festivities to begin, I was awash with so much emotion knowing that there are some people that aren’t here that I wish were here today to honor him. I am sure they are from above –My mom and your dad. Truly, there is no other man on the planet that I love more, and I am so very proud of you,’ said Davidson.

Those who know and love Rick Springfield know that he has a very special relationship with his fans. So Springfield gave a shout out to the many people who adore and support him.

‘I want to thank my fans and anyone who has ever bought my book, or my music, or watched any television show I have been on. You own this star as much as I do. You’re the reason that this is here, because little Ricky Springthorpe (Springfield’s real name) wouldn’t get a star with out you guys,’ he said.

Rick Springfield’s first novel, ‘Magnificent Vibration’ is available in Detroit area Barnes & Noble stores.

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