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Rick Scott’s Boston Tea Party

Your attention, please.

As of Fri., March 28, only 6 million of the over 300 million of us citizens here in the United States had signed up for Obamacare.

Today, as we’ve all heard, is the deadline to enroll in Obamacare, or as we’ve been told it’s actually called, national health care and insurance.

As of Fri., March 28, only 6 million of the over 300 million of us citizens here in the United States had done so.

Even some of us who already have health insurance through our jobs, and some of us, especially those with spouses and children, who are paying out money every month in addition to our employers’ very generous contributions.

For the millions of people who have lost jobs and their health care coverage in the last 7 seven years, Obamacare has been problematic since the gitty-up.

How do we enroll in good faith in insurance programs when we know before we even click that button on that we can’t make the first premium?

How the hell do we have to pay penalties on our income taxes for health care coverage we already know we can’t afford?

Damn skippy! We'll get right on this after we kite the rent check and mint some new money with the laser printer.

Florida’s Boston Tea Party

Like many other governors, Florida Gov. Rick Scott has been outspoken about Obamacare and whether or not the Sunshine State will participate by building an insurance exchange or any other way.

His math is real easy to do.

There’s no money to expand Medicaid to more people than have it now, and most people with low incomes still don’t qualify because they don’t have kids or they aren’t old enough or sick enough.

When you read the Eligbility Notice generated by your application on, you’ll find a pissy little note from not necessarily the Prez (but from “”) that says because your state has chosen not to expand Medicaid, even though you’re probably eligible for free or deeply-discounted coverage, your state has chosen not to make it available to you.

If you live in a state like Florida where you’re lucky enough to have a governor who said no, your pay-off is in the second paragraph of the “What are the results of my application?” section of your notice.

It reads: “You are not required to pay a penalty for not having health insurance because of your income and because the state of FL declined to expand Medicaid to cover individuals in your situation.”

You don’t have this disclaimer in writing with a date on it unless you complete an application through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

You know, that place called

Thank you, Governor Ricky!

President Obama is not a bad guy

Your Examiner prefers to think that the Prez is not evil and that he’s not just another policy wonk over-invested in the insurance industry.

So like while he’s new to the whole President bag, he got (and took) some really bad advice, and it's snowballed on him.

While in its current reincarnation government-sponsored national health care is non-viable, still it’s a noble idea.

Studying to lower insurance costs through national clearinghouses is what state governments and private employers have been all about for years.

We get better coverage as employees at a much-reduced rate to we and to the bosses.

It sounds like a good idea because it is.

That signing up for insurance through the national marketplace has turned into the three-ring circus it has should have put the Prez and the pols on notice almost immediately.

We the People have said no.

Please get on board with us and our governors and join our Boston Tea Party.



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