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Rick Ross and Diddy show interest in purchasing the Clippers

Various twitter posts by rap's top entertainers expressing their feelings on the Sterling case decision.
Various twitter posts by rap's top entertainers expressing their feelings on the Sterling case decision. used with permission

Now that the Clippers are without an owner, Hip-Hop moguls have shown interest in purchasing the California team.

Just as rappers took to social media to express how they felt after the initial news of Donald Sterling's prejudice remarks, rappers are taking to it yet again to praise NBA commissioner Adam Silver and the decision to fine and permanently ban Sterling (with one exception being Atlanta rapper Killer Mike it seems.)

However, along with praise and celebration from artists such as Tech N9ne and Joe Budden, came some business inquiries by two of Hip-Hop's most notorious moguls. Around 2:34 p.m. April 29, Maybach Music Group's founder and figurehead Rick Ross announced via Twitter, "I'd be interested investing in @LAClippers !!!! Make it #WingstopArena @WingstopCEO Lets Goooo !!!" showing not only his interest in the Clippers, but also in a partnership with Wingstop.

Roughly a half-hour later, living legend Diddy Tweeted his interest as well. Though Diddy showed the same interest, he seemed to have a more toned-down and business minded-approach saying " I will always be a Knicks fan, but I am a business man. #DiddyBuyTheClippers #NameYourPrice," hinting at the now owner-less franchise to make a counter offer.

While many of the artists' fans are shaking their heads, along with other rappers and athletes, if the team was owned by Ross or Diddy, possibly even a co-ownership between the two, would it be that bad a decision? Take into account the business ventures by either of the two and consider the extremely high success rates of those ventures. Both Diddy and Ross have created empires that have not only impacted pop culture, but have both yielded trillions of dollars in profit. The two might be on to something.

Though it might be just due to the hype and controversy surrounding the case, Examiner will still have to pay close attention to other rappers making offers and if the NBA entertains any of the offers.

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